Dear Members,

My name is Oblesklk, and I've been a member of the online tickling fetish community since 1994. For several years, I produced tickling videos under the name TickleTown and several tickling comic book series such as The Agencies, The Ruthless, Hunted, The Cyriaan Chronicles, The Agencies: Frontiers, Tickle Magnet, and Yelena.

In 2022, I released my first tickling video game "The Cyriaan Chronicles #10", and will continue innovating in several media formats to push the envelope of what's possible in the tickling digital space, while still delivering content our customers love.

I would be honored if you supported me in this journey!
What our clients say about us

Honestly, Cyriaan Chronicles 10 is *shockingly* good.

I\'m over an hour in and pleasantly surprised by the game\'s quality. It has no right to be this good, honestly. Cyriaan Chronicles 10 stands on its own fairly well so far even without its tickle content. I kind of forgot that this was supposed to be a tickle game as I played it.

If anyone hasn\'t played the Cyriaan Chronicles yet, it\'s a must. The best writing and character development I\'ve seen in an RPG maker game, and the tickling is written brilliantly. Even though it\'s only one still image to accompany the scenes, they\'re fantastic.

As far as RPGMaker tickling games go, this had a lot of thought put into it. Good character development and twists, definitely not something you see in these kinds of games. Tickling scenes were also solid, having a few of my favorite scenarios.

All in all, a very good tickling game. Hopefully this guy does another game at some point, perhaps with fullscreen CGs.

This is one of the best tickling games ever made. I usually go hard on games that lose sight of the fact they\'re fap material first, game second, and upon starting I did think Cyrian was gonna go that route. And, in a sense, it does, but it also has something the other games with that problem lacked.

It\'s actually a competent, fun-to-play JRPG. I felt some of that \"number go up\" and resource management good chemical goodness while playing it, which is something I\'ve never seen someone in this community being able to capture.

I LOVE your comics especially frontiers #2 and yelena #5, i absolutely love the begging and teasing in those issues.

I adored the The Agencies: Frontiers but really everything you guys was released gold. Glad you started this project.

It\'s my pleasure! I was always a fan of the Agencies comics several years ago. Glad to see you back at it.

Say... just wanna say I\'ve been a fan of your videos since the early website. Good to see you back. :D Thanks for the full set of pics of anamaria! One of the first clips I bought back then.